Ripa della volta

Valpantena, from the Greek meaning “Valley of the Gods”

In Romagnano, at an altitude of between 400 and 600 metres above sea level, in an unspoiled landscape, we cultivate a vineyard of 14 hectares with great passion. Corvina, Corvina grossa, Rondinella, Oseleta, Spigamonte and Turchetta are native vines that have always grown in this territory. Today, these are the vines by which we judge ourselves.
We are aware of working in a unique environment, with a special microclimate and marly soil from the pink-coloured Dolomites, rich in limestone and very similar to that found in Burgundy.
Cherry, olive and cypress trees and large wooded areas are undoubtedly connected to the vineyard and, as such, must be respected.
Sustainability, respect, enhancement, safeguarding: these are the firm principles on which we base our philosophy.
“Ripa della Volta” was the ancient name for “a plot with vines” or “ploughed land with vines”, as shown on an ancient 7th century map: this was our challenge, to produce wines of excellence that were substantial, sustainable, personal, far from fashion and ephemera.
Our father Lodovico not only passed on his love for the land but also a profound passion for art, especially contemporary art, and the “Ripa della Volta” label is intended as a tribute.
The “Ripa della Volta” label stands for a spontaneous, spur-of-the-moment gesture or sign, instinctive and not crafted, without hesitation or reflections, conceptually strong, sharp and true, like the land from which it originates.

You cast a seed between the clay soil and stone.
You have tended a strong and unyielding vine amidst mountain hill and sky.
You have awaited the harvest and pressed a sour and full grape.
Thank you for this pure, full-bodied nectar that
Can bring serenity and strength to my existence..

Patrizio Vanessi