“The value of an idea is putting it into practice” repeated Thomas Edison. Lodovico Montresor, father of Francesco and Michele, who collected his teachings and witnessed this at the Azienda Agricola Ottella, was a man with a big heart and large views. An artist and esteemed collector of works of art, he was also a man so attached to the land: he had continued in the management of the family agricultural property started by his Father Giovanni and even before by his grandfather, his namesake, Lodovico.

 A really long story: in the book “The area of Verona and its wines, 1900”, the historical G.B. Perez testifies how the Montresor family was, in 1905, the only one that produced Lugana in the Verona area. A document discovered by Dr. Lamberto Paronetto, a winemaker from Treviso, a scholar who knew all about our territory.

 Lugana, a clay bowl praised by the Catullus verses, on the soil of glacial origins, collected in a handkerchief near the southern shore of the Garda Lake. A wine tied by a bond to its vine, the Trebbiano di Lugana, called here Turbiana.

 It was a day in 1964, when Lodovico Montresor received Professor Vescia from the University of Brescia and the engineer Turlini in his family villa in Peschiera: two friends with whom he shared an idea to put into practice. Just as Thomas Edison would have liked. That is exactly what the three decide to do from that day onwards: design and give Lugana its own geographical structure, delimit a territory, stamp its identity, in short words just give it a home and a recognizable dignity. The result is the creation of the DOC Lugana, three years later, in 1967.

 The Ottella winery, in those years, took its first steps and expanded and became the winery we now know. That name, Ottella: a legend says that in 1500, in that court, octuplets were born; therefore for this reason the name of the place and the coat of arms identifies the company and its origins.

 The company grew in the mid-eighties, when Francesco, just graduated in law, joined his father, already president of the Protection Consortium from 2007 to 2013, he was joined in 1993 by Michele, current president of the Association Veneti Winemakers.

 Ottella is today a reality of 90 hectares in Lugana, to which 20 hectares have been added in Valpolicella, on the magnificent hills of Romagnano in Valpantena. A new Montresor-style adventure, shared with his friend and business owner Andrea Pernigo, a man who has always been attached to that territory: “We met and we immediately understood that we shared the same ideas and the same philosophy to enable us to start our collaboration”. Francesco and Michele specify: “We try to make fine and elegant wines, but always with a precise identity, in order to communicate who we are”. The results are clear, as evidenced by the many awards that Ottella has obtained for years in the best guides and magazines in the sector. But that's not all, there is more to come. As we have already mentioned, Lodovico Montresor was a man whose life was spent always concentrated between art and wine. This passion was passed to his sons.

 On the occasion of the Art Verona exhibition, the Montresor family company set up the “OTTELLA FOR GAM” Contemporary Art Award and was an active supporter of the Achille Forti Museum of Contemporary Art, donating 5 artworks to the museum, today in the permanent collection.

 The same architecture of the brand new company headquarters follows art and the future. Wine followed by paintings and sculptures, the passion of this family. Lodovico has left us a few years ago, but the first to be happy to see how his sons have been able to continue, as many years ago he had left his trace , would be him. Today Lodovico and Lamberto work together with their father Francesco and uncle Michele in the company… from father to son: yesterday, today and tomorrow.
An Italian story, one of the most beautiful.