Lugana DOC


Turbiana (Trebbiano di Lugana)

Production area

San Benedetto di Lugana, the grapes come from our own vineyards that are most suitable due to the high content of white clay. The harvest and selection of the grapes are done strictly by hand, in small 17 kg. cases. 17.

Planting layout and yield

Double bow Guyot, yield around 9,000 kg. of grapes per hectare, equivalent to 5,700 litres of wine or 63%.

Harvest period

Third decade of September.

Fining and fermentation

Delicate, soft pressing of the whole bunch for most of the production, the rest with gentle destemming by oscillation. Thereafter, a strict protocol of vinification: racking for natural sedimentation, slow, temperature-controlled fermentation (14°/18°); fining for 5 months on fine lees.


Light, glittering straw-yellow.


Exotic sweet, citrus notes appear, with fine, elegant minerality.


Diffuse, expressive subtlety, the characteristically authoritative breadth on the palate emerges, warm and persistent.


All freshwater and marine fish-based dishes, soups, savoury first courses with pasta or rice, white meats with gravies.

Minimum alcohol content

12% volume

Serving temperature