Corvina Veronese, Merlot, Cabernet-Sauvignon

Production area

Exclusively hillside grapes that come from our own vineyards, or those worked by us. The harvest and selection of the grapes are done strictly by hand, in small 17 kg. cases.

Planting layout and yield

Spurred cordon, yield around 9,000 kg. of grapes per hectare, equivalent to 5,700 of wine or 63%.

Harvest period

Depending on the grape variety, from late September throughout October.

Fining and fermentation

Fermentation takes place partly in steel and partly in oak vats; delestages and pressing, followed by malolactic fermentation and resting for nearly 6 months in the vats, which helps enrich the complexity and fruitiness of this full-bodied and rigorous wine.


A fine concentration of ruby and garnet.


The olfactory kick is interesting. Pleasing notes of ripe red-berry fruit. Intriguing, unexpected.


Pleasing correspondence between nose and palate. Soft, encompassing, with a delicate texture and sophisticated tannins that gives the wine a captivating fullness, making it velvety on the palate.


It can be combined with the most flavoursome meat and is especially pleasing with elaborate first courses and seasoned cheeses.

Minimum alcohol content

12.5% volume.

Serving temperature