Campo Sireso


Corvina Veronese, Merlot, Cabernet-Sauvignon

Production area

Exclusively hillside grapes that come from our own vineyards, or those worked by us. The harvest and selection of the groups are done strictly by hand.

Planting layout and yield

Spurred cordon, yield around 8,000 kg. of grapes per hectare, equivalent to 5,040 litres of wine or 63%.

Harvest period

Depending on the variety of the grape, late September and throughout October.

Fining and fermentation

Most of the grapes are collected in small 4 kg. cases, for withering of around 2 months in a ventilated room. The rest is gathered as the grapes ripen. Long fermentation and fining then follows in barriques and tonneaux. The wine rests for 18 months before bottling.


Dense, concentrated, warm and intense mixture of ruby and dark garnet.


Mature and elegant, the scent breaks down into fruity and spicy notes. Remarkable sensation of warmth and great variations of sweet tannins, with hints of small red berries.


Great expressive balance, enveloping. This is a substantial and, at the same time, persuasive wine. On the palate, it displays excellent restraint, softness and continuity. The marked flavour is perfectly integrated with the sweetness of the tannins.


Red meat dishes in general, game, salami and spicy, strongly seasoned cheeses.

Minimum alcohol content

13% volume.

Serving temperature